Peter Nilsson: Lead vocal / guitar / dobro / percussion
Bertil Babbe Sjunnesson: Bassguitar / bandleader
Tommy Falk: Lead vocal / guitar
Rolf Persson: Piano / keyboard
Bert "Loffe" Göransson: Pedal steel / guitar
Benny Trollehjelm: Drums / vocal

Highway 40 is the countryband from the south of Sweden. Everything started in the early 90´s but it wasn´t untill the beginning of the new millenium that it´s present form took shape. The choice of music was obvious since all of us enjoy country music in all its forms. Highway 40 is a famous route in USA that stretches from coust to coust, and along the route the country music comes alive and Highway 40 becamed a suitable name for the band with its broad country repertoire. Traditional country mixed with our own songs is a red line at Highway 40´s live performances. We play mostly in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, but other countries has also been visited by us. We would like to thank everyone who supported us through all the years and to all our friends. You are great.

Highway 40